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Casual for Kid’s Health

Supporting Children's Miracle Network Hospitals

At JSK Hospitality, we believe in the power of giving back to the communities that have welcomed and supported us. As part of our commitment to social responsibility, the Fairfield Inn and Suites, a JSK property located in Elkhart, IN, has been actively participating in the “Casual for Kid’s Health” fundraiser. This initiative aims to support the Miracle Mall Children’s Network Hospitals, a noble cause that touches the lives of countless children and families in need.

Fairfield Inn and Suites staff wearing red shirts for Casual for Kid's Health fundraiser supporting Miracle Mall Children’s Network Hospitals

Every Wednesday, our dedicated team at Fairfield Inn and Suites proudly wears red shirts, making a powerful statement of unity and camaraderie. This gesture not only fosters team spirit but also catches the attention of our valued guests. By wearing the red shirts, we aim to raise awareness for the “Casual for Kid’s Health” fundraiser and encourage our guests to join us in making a difference in the lives of those who need it most.

To show our appreciation for our guests’ generosity, we have decided to reward them with 10 Marriott points for every dollar they donate to the Miracle Mall Children’s Network Hospitals. This not only incentivizes donations but also provides our guests with a tangible token of our gratitude for their participation in this compassionate endeavor.

The fundraiser will run until the end of the year, giving ample time for our guests to contribute to the cause. We have streamlined the donation process by providing an online platform, ensuring that all funds go directly to the organization without any inconvenience to our guests or staff. By eliminating the need to handle cash and paperwork, our team can focus on delivering exceptional hospitality experiences to our guests without disruptions to their daily tasks and business operations.

Getting involved with the community is more than just a corporate responsibility for us; it’s a deeply ingrained value that shapes our culture. We take pride in the fact that our team at Fairfield Inn and Suites is not just an integral part of the hospitality industry but also an active force for positive change in the community we serve.

Through initiatives like “Casual for Kid’s Health,” we strive to make a meaningful impact and contribute to the well-being of children who face health challenges. Every dollar donated and every Marriott point earned brings us closer to creating a brighter future for those in need.

JSK Hospitality and Fairfield Inn and Suites Elkhart, IN, invite you to join us in supporting the “Casual for Kid’s Health” fundraiser. Together, we can make a difference and spread hope, healing, and joy to children and families in our community and beyond.

To make a donation or learn more about the fundraiser, please click the “DONATE” button below.

Let’s come together, show our support, and be a beacon of light for those in need. Together, we can make a lasting impact and create a world where every child’s health and happiness are prioritized.