N.J. Patel

N.J. Patel

N.J. Patel has been a great asset to JSK since he helped to create it in 1999. As creator and acting Chairman, N.J. is an irreplaceable member of the team. His 35 years of experience in the hotel industry have helped the company thrive, even during difficult economic times.

After exploring a range of industries abroad, N.J. fell in love with the hotel industry in 1974, after purchasing an independent hotel in Sacramento, CA. Getting his start by buying, remodeling, and selling independent hotels, N.J. acquired and renovated five hotels by 1979. After successfully flipping several independent properties, N.J. found his passion for hospitality and development. N.J. continued to build upon the family success by developing their first new hotel in 1987, the Comfort Inn Elkhart, Indiana. After several successful hotel ventures throughout the Midwest, the family decided upon making Northern Indiana a place of permanent residence.

N.J. received his education in India in the field of Agriculture, and then worked as an Agricultural Officer in Bardoli Sugar Factory. After deciding that he wanted to see the world, he moved abroad to London, England. In London, he worked his way up from a postal services position to the Production Manager at a manufacturing company. He then moved on to become a customs clearing agent, working at London's Heathrow Airport for ten years before coming to America and purchasing his first property.

In addition to developing local communities in Northern Indiana, N.J. also gives back to his community in India. He regularly donates money that is used for fresh pavement, clean water, and other development projects. It is this dedication to community and kindness of spirit that contributes to the success of JSK.

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